Le Valaine



Manoir de Cateuil (1714)


In the exceptional surroundings of the Manoir de Cateuil, discover these characteristic specialties of Normandy:

Goat farm
Goat Milk Valaine Chocolate
"Les Capr'Ice" Ice cream from Goat Whey
Pâté of Young Goat
Farmhouse cider

This 20 hectare agricultural enterprise is located in coastal Etretat in the Seine-Maritime region. The town of Etretat, famous for its chalk white cliffs, is a seaside resort which has been popularly frequented for more than a century. It is located on the scenic Alabaster Coast in Normandy

Le Valaine invites you to discover its farmhouse and handicrafts



Le Valaine
Route du Havre
F 76790 Etretat
Tél. 33(0)2 35 27 14 02
 Fax. 33(0)2 35 29 23 92
Contact : 
Agnès & Bernard Dherbécourt

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Gps: N 49° 41' 46,58''
E 0° 11' 51,98''

Member of

la Convention Ferme Pédagogique de la Bergerie Nationale de Rambouillet
 Photography credits: Jean-Luc Moyne - Ph.Deneufve -  D.Doignon -  Ph.Poullain -  B.Dherbécourt.

Translated by: Janet Geerlings and Kara Rice 
(Foreign Language Department Chattanooga Christian School - USA)